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Lighter Loads for Families


I have met lots of families in twenty-five years of education, children’s ministry, parenting and nanny work.  So many of these parents exemplified a serious daily commitment to meeting their family’s needs for love, stability, hope and purpose.    Parenting can be amazingly exciting and inspiring.  Sometimes it can scare you out of your wits and break your heart.  Most of the time it is about consistency in the day to day of life.  Setting goals for your family and creating steps for reaching those goals is like drawing an arrow back in a bow.  You are much more likely to hit your target if you are aiming!


These pages are dedicated to giving you creative ideas and resources for quality family time as well as outlining ways that I can help you find your way to a lighter load as you raise your children.








DISCLAIMER: Nothing herein shall be construed as counseling, therapy, social work, etc. Lisa West, Managing Member of Light Loads, LLC has a pastoral ordination through Mt. Moriah Ministerial Fellowship, an independent organization. This program is offered solely for family coaching and pastoral care. If the family/individual needs professional services, you should seek a licensed professional.

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