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I am so grateful for deep roots in my large family of creative, hardworking, strong-minded people. Gardening, sewing, stone masonry, glass blowing, photography, and scrapbooking were part of the fabric of our lives. Yearly gatherings for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and “just because” were times of laughter, happy chaos, games and creativity and to this day we make time with each other a priority in our lives. Of course we had our share of hard times and disappointments, and these have added depth and strength to our lives along the way.


Over the years I have learned so much about balance, purpose, joy and the grace of God in real and personal ways and know firsthand that hearts and homes are meant to be whole and well and strong.


I love seeing people thriving and growing together.  That’s what home is meant to be like.


In our complex world, it seems so many people are buried in stuff and activities and worn out with just living and making ends meet. I want to spend the life entrusted to me helping to bring relief, direction and hope to families.  These first four decades of my journey have been rich with many rewarding experiences …teaching elementary school and children’s church, raising kids, organizing people, places and things, coordinating projects, doing renovations, planning events, teaching practical life skills here and overseas and helping families develop strategies and tools for a quality home life that is stable, loving, and fun.


I know that there is real peace and purpose for every person and every home. There are solutions to make life easier.  God provides encouragement and clear thinking for our families.  And how about some laughter and fun, too?  It truly is possible to find the way to a lighter load in life and this is a good day to start down that path. I’m ready for the adventure, if you are.


Lisa West

Lighter Loads


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